Listed below are just a sample of the animals RepTyler’s can bring to your event – We currently have 27 different species of exotic animals and over 150 animals in total!!! Here just a few………..

Arnie, Monty or Snakey

Species: Albino Burmese Python (Male)
From: Southern Asia and Florida
Fun Fact: Arnie is almost 11ft long and 3.5 stone!


The Burmese Python is one of the larger species and is ranked as the 6th largest of all snakes in the world. They don’t have venom but that doesn’t mean a bite won’t hurt! In the wild this reptile is a major threat to anything or anyone that gets in their way, however, our captive bred giant is very friendly and isn’t interested in hurting human beings unless taunted or frightened by us or if we smell of food!


The average length of Burmese Pythons is 12 feet long but they can end up being much longer – growing up to a massive 23 feet. In the wild they can weigh up to 200 pounds but Arnie is a mere 44 pounds. The yellow colouring and reddish eyes makes this guy an Albino.

Mr Ripple

Species: Panther Chameleon
From: Madagascar
Fun Fact: Fruitella has a really long tongue and change his skin colour to suit his mood


The Panther Chameleon is a spectacularly coloured lizard. They come in many shades and degrees of brilliant blues and greens, and even black and can also have vertical bars of reds and blues. And as with any chameleon, watching their colour change is always fascinating.


Panther Chameleons are moderately-sized lizards, typically males will reach about 17″ in length, though they could reach up to 22″. The males are more vibrantly coloured than the females, though the colouring they have varies depending upon the region where they originate. Females, no matter what region they come from, tend to be brown or tan, sometimes with patches of pink or bright orange. They also have excellent sight and can launch their tongue out up to 26 times the length of the body to catch prey!



Species: Chile Rose Tarantula
From: Chile
Fun Fact: They have 8 legs and turn upside down when shedding their skin


The Rose-haired Tarantula is one of the most docile and hardy spiders being kept. In captivity. It is a very durable tarantula, originating from one of the driest scrub habitats in the world


Chilean Rose-haired Tarantulas are moderately large and quite stocky . They have a leg span reaching about 5 inches. They are coloured in a dark brown to black but then covered with a coat of reddish-orange to pink hairs over the entire body. Their various common names are derived from this subtle rose casting on the hair.



Species: Monitor Lizard
From: Argentina
Fun Fact: Tegu’s are able to run on their back legs


There are seven species of tegus that belong to family Teiidae. They can be found in South America and southern parts of North America. Tegus can survive in various habitats: rainforests, savannas, swamps, meadows, open fields…. Different species of tegus (especially Argentine Black & White Tegu) are often kept as pets because of their friendly nature. Tegus are often hunted for their skin and meat.


The Tegu is a large lizard and males are bigger than females, usually reaching 4 ½ feet in length with females averaging 3 feet in length. Tegus can weigh in excess of 50 pounds. The body of a Tegu is covered with beaded skin. The basic colour of their skin is black with yellow dots that stretch from its neck to the tail. Young tegus are green with black marks. The green turns into white after couple of months and adult colour develops usually after the second year.


Species: Hairless Guinea Pig


_DSC3302 - Copy

Skinny pigs originated form a basic hairy guinea pig. In the 1990’s, in America, animal testing was at its highest. The skinny pig was a genetic mutation and created by accident. Now people seem to love these odd, ugly but graciously beautiful looking mammals.


Skinny pigs are very friendly but shy creatures with no fur the skinny pig must live indoors and be kept warm at all times as they are very sensitive to hot and cold.

Lifespan 4-7 years

Chubby Biscuit, Phoenix

Species: Crested Gecko Lizard
From: New Caledonia
Fun Fact: They have sticky pads and claws enabling them to clim any surface


The crested gecko is a relatively large species of gecko from the forests of southern New Caledonia. They are one of the most popular pet lizards to keep in the UK and easily the most popular arboreal gecko.


The crested gecko is easily identified by its semi prehensile tail, triangular shaped head and protrusions over the eye socket resembling eyelashes. Naturally, they can be found in shades of grey, brown, red, orange and yellow but private breeders have refined these into many colour and pattern morphs. Crested geckos are most commonly found in the southern province of New Guinea but they have also been found on the surrounding islets and on the island of Grande Terre. Their average Life Span: 15-20 years.


Species: Royal Python
From: Africa
Fun Fact: They are also known to be called a Ball python


The royal python is a very small species of python, which generally does not grow to more than 90 to 120 centimetres. 


Royal pythons are found in Africa, particularly in Ghana and Togo. They are also known as ball pythons because, when they are frightened, they roll into a tight ball. Royal pythons have bold patterns on their brown skin and, although their colour varies, it usually includes shades of yellow.Pythons are not poisonous. Instead, they kill their prey by encircling it and tightening their coils to cause suffocation. Their brown and black markings help them camouflage on the forest floor as they wait to ambush their prey.