RepTylers are offering 5 for 4 on all live food tubs so come down and get yours before they’re gone!

All of our insects are delivered to us fresh on a Tuesday or Friday.

Remember we offer a delivery service on a Tuesday!!


Hatchling 1-2mm 500 tub £2

1st 3mm 200 tub £2

2nd 6mm 200 tub £2

3rd 8mm 200 tub £2

4th 12-14mm 100 tub £2

Standard 15-18mm 75 tub £2


Small hoppers 8-12mm £2

3rd hoppers 18-24mm £2

4th hoppers 28-32mm £2

5th hoppers 36-42mm £2

Adult locusts 50-60mm £2

All Crickets and Locusts can also be ordered in bulk bags from 50-1000 so do let us know if you require more so we can pre order these in for you!


Meal worms 60g tub £2

Wax worm 12-20mm tub £2

Calci worm 10mm 25g tub £2.98p

Pachnoda grub 25-35mm tub Approx 10 £3

Morioworms 40g tub £2

Earth worms 15g £2.64p

Fruitfly large tub £3