Health & Hygiene is very important when it comes to keeping pets. At RepTylers we can assist you with all your pets needs to keep them healthy and happy!


Arcadia Earth Pro Calcium Pro-Mg 100g £3.22p

Arcadia Earth Pro-A 100g £4.99p

Arcadia Earth Pro revitalised D3 £7.57p

Dragon fuel 125g £6.79p

Calcium liquid £7.81p


Spring Tail 1 tub £3.00p

Shedding Aid £5.59p

Habistat antiseptic Hand soap £4.48p

Hand sanitizer 500ml £4.99

Virucidal spray 250ml £5.09p

Bacterial Cleaner 250ml £5.09p

Bacterial Cleaner 500ml £6.76p


Bug gel £3.50p

Habistat H20 balls 1 tub £1

Calcium dish £1

Habistat plastic water dish £2.99

Insects shot x1 £1

Insect fuel £4

Komodo Jelly pots 6/8 pack £6.37p

Plastic small feeding tongs £1

Repashy gecko diet ( we stock multiple flavours)

84g £10

170g £16.18p

340g £25.00

Scales £15.28p