At RepTylers Exotic Pet Supplies we stock a large range of frozen foods. If you need a large order or just want to see if we have it in stock please call 07860861598 to save disappointment or to order it in, we can even deliver it to your door!


Pinkie Day Olds 1-2g 25 pack £6.50p

Pinkie Large 2-3g 25 pack £6.50p

Mouse Fluffs 3-5g 25 pack £10.08p

Mouse Crawler 6-9g 25 pack £10.08p

Small Mouse 10-15g 10 pack £5.16p

Medium Mouse 16-20g 10 pack £6.37p

Large Mouse 21-30g 10 pack £7.59p

Jumbo Mouse 31g 10 pack £9.95p


Rat Pup 10g 10 pack £4.51

Rat Fluff 10-25g 10 pack £7.28p

Small Rats 100-150g 5 pack £11.00

Medium Rats 155-250g 5 pack £11.56p

Large Rats 250-355g 5 pack £12.68p

Extra Large Rats 355-450g 3 pack £10.37p

Giant Rats 455g 3 pack £12.14p

Weener rats 25-50g 10 pack £11.30p

Large Weener rats 50-95g 10 pack £12.93p


Small 20-30g 10 pack £16.36p

Large 40g+ 10 pack £19.33p


Individual £3.72p


Individual £1.41p


Small 500g £7.43

Medium 500g-1kg £8.92

Large 1kg-2kg £11.16p

Jumbo 2kg £17.85p


Prime Quail 5 pack £9.67p

Baby Quail 250 pack £104.12

Prime Quail 25 pack £44.62p

Ex Lavender Quail 40 pack £54.00

Day old chicks 2kg £5.16p

Day old chick 10kg £19.12p

Day old chicks 25 pack £3.40


Small 150-300g £6.61p

Medium 300g-500g £7.36p

Large 500g £7.80p