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RepTylers Easter Events 2017







RepTylers have a new vehicle!

RepTylers vanWe are very excited at RepTylers to announce we have another vehicle on the road, opening doors for future events. Watch out here we come!




Exciting News – RepTylers launch new shop!

RepTylers, friends and family have been working hard for the last 2 months designing and revamping a shop in the Preston Park area, initially as a rehousing project for all our wonderful animals. The Amazon like refit in South Road, Brighton will be home to over 60 animals.                                                shop-pic

Only a select few animals will be housed in the shop front with the majority of the exotics living out the back in a purpose built reptile house. With this in mind, the shop hasn’t been designed for people to walk in and handle our animals, however anyone is welcome to visit us, have a look around, check out our select few animals housed at the front and talk to us about your needs.

RepTylers have been operating since June 2014 and have introduced our animals to an estimated 40,000 children and adults through school visits, birthdays, scouts/cubs groups, fundraisers and nursery/playschools. This next chapter of our adventure will now give parents and other groups a cheaper alternative to our usual packages by booking our facility and mini zoo.



RepTylers are making a Hiss at Nursery Schools in Sussex!!!

M Nursery worthing 1 M Nursery worthing

Scaly, cold-blooded visitors thrilled children at The New Montessori Pre-school.

Welcomed were hairy and hairless, large and small additions to their classrooms on Wednesday 4th November 2015.

Claire Morgan, school manager said; “RepTylers, a local family run business, provided a wonderfully engaging and interactive experience for children, and adults to learn about a wide variety of unusual and fascinating creatures, their diets and habitats.



RepTylers attended Buckingham Play Group Shoreham-by -Sea on Monday 16th November.

“RepTylers were amazing. We highly recommend. The children loved all the creatures”


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On Wednesday 18th November RepTyles attended Pebbles Day Care in Newhaven.

“Reptile day at Pebbles!! Showing care and concern for living things. This was following their bugs and insects topic that the children really enjoyed”.

“Today RepTylers visited us in Newhaven, what a fab experience for all the children, staff and parents. We had a lovely morning. Thank you Jem we loved having you with us today, we look forward to having you back in January 2016.




On Monday 23rd November RepTylers visited Rainbow Child Care in Peachaven.

The children were so brave, every child touched and even handled some of our big, small, furry and spiky creatures. Thank you for having us back again Mel.



Thank you to all that attended our Halloween event in Mile Oak, Brighton. We had a great evening with Arnie and the Gang.

We are just judging the drawing competition and will update you by email who has won out of these brilliant final 8!!!!!!







Reptylers have a new Zoo-Mobil

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