RepTylers are happy to be able to sell substrate taken as closely from the wild, specific to the animal it’s created for! So basically it’s as good as home.


From £4.24 -£13.79

Artificial Bonsai £5.49

Small artificial Cactus plant £3.99
Flower strips £4.99

Large artificial Cactus plant £8.00


Bromeliad £3.99 small
Umbrella £6.99 medium
Parlour Palm £6.99 medium
Mosstock £11.99 large


Habistat leopard gecko bedding 5L £5.95
Habistat leopard gecko bedding 10L £11.86
Orchid bark fine 10L £6.00
Orchid bark course 10L £6.00
Orchid bark 60L Course £25.00
Coir block 9L £2.99
Coir 5L £3.74
Coir 10L £5.99
Snake bedding 5L £3.36
Snake bedding 10L £5.20
Lignocel 10L £6.37
Natracel 10kg £5.88
Bearded dragon 5L £6.99
Bearded dragon 10L £11.86
Jungle bio 10L £11.03
Habistat clay balls £7.57
Habistat reptiturf 5L £3.99
Habistat Tortoise bedding 10L £6.42